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 Wanita Diperbolehkan Memberikan Sakramen Baptis dan Perkawinan ?

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PostSubyek: Wanita Diperbolehkan Memberikan Sakramen Baptis dan Perkawinan ?   30th April 2013, 07:02

Quote :
Women Catholic deacons 'no longer taboo'
Published: 29 Apr 13 11:32 CET

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Germany's top Roman Catholic has called for women to be allowed to become deacons, which would enable them to perform baptisms and marriages outside of mass - a novelty for Catholic women.

Archbishop of Freiburg Robert Zollitsch, who chairs the German Bishops' Conference, called for the change at the end of a four-day meeting to discuss possible reforms.

The conference, the first of its kind, invited 300 Roman Catholic experts to propose reforms. Zollitsch's comments echo year-long calls from the Central Committee of German Catholics to permit women to become deacons. On Sunday, Zollitsch said that aim was no longer a 'taboo.'

Zollitsch said the Catholic Church could only regain credibility and strength by committing to reform. He described an "atmosphere of openness and freedom" at the conference.

Deacons assist priests during church services and can perform baptisms and marriages outside of mass. Their primary role however is to serve the needy in their community and their duties are considered secular rather than pastoral.

Another proposal to emerge from the conference was to extend the rights of remarried divorcees to sit on church bodies such as parish councils. Conference members also discussed the possibility of granting them the right to receive Holy Communion and attend confession.

"It's important to me that, without undermining the sanctity of marriage, these men and women are taken seriously within the church and feel respected and at home," said Zollitsch. At present the reforms remain speculative and there is no proposed time-frame for their implementation. The position of divorcees remains highly controversial within the Church.

The conference also touched on the difficulty, particularly in eastern Germany, of recruiting people to work for Catholic institutions such as hospitals and kindergarten. At present the Church can only employ Roman Catholics. However Zollitsch called for work permits to be extended to non-Catholics and to those with "different lifestyles." This would technically apply to homosexual people too. However Church labour reforms are unlikely to be introduced in the next three years.

While reform might be slow to come, the sentiments expressed at the conference are a signal to many that change is on the way. "I have never experienced a process of strategy development as transparent as this one," said Thomas Berg, of the Baden-Württemberg Leadership Academy, who attended the conference.

DPA/The Local/kkf

Apakah akan berlaku untuk seluruh Keuskupan di dunia? Bagaimana keputusan Paus Francis ?



Jn 3:16 For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting.
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PostSubyek: Re: Wanita Diperbolehkan Memberikan Sakramen Baptis dan Perkawinan ?   30th April 2013, 07:07

Kita tunggu saja. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Berikan kepada Tuhan apa yang menjadi hak Tuhan, berikan kepada negara apa yang menjadi hak negara
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PostSubyek: Re: Wanita Diperbolehkan Memberikan Sakramen Baptis dan Perkawinan ?   1st May 2013, 11:01

German Prelate Falsely Accused of Abuse Cover-up

Campaign Denounced as Sensationalist Publicity Stint

FREIBURG IM BREISGAU, Germany, JUNE 3, 2010, Zenit - The Archdiocese of Freiburg im Breisgau is denouncing a campaign to implicate its head, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, in the alleged cover-up of an abuse case that happened in the 1960s.

An archdiocesan communiqué, which was publicized by the Vatican press office, stated that the suspicions brought against the archbishop, president of the German bishops' conference, are unfounded.

The accusation, presented to the office of the public prosecutor of Freiburg, stated that the prelate allegedly covered up a case of sexual abuse committed by a Cistercian priest in the 60s in the monastery of Birnau, a place of pilgrimage, and that the archbishop was responsible for assigning the priest new tasks in the archdiocese.
However, an archdiocesan spokesman asserted that "the accusation of condemnable behavior by Archbishop Zollitsch is unfounded."
The archdiocese reported that it learned about this case, which took place in the 60s, at the end of 2006. At that moment the archdiocesan officials immediately took the matter to the competent leaders of the Cistercian Order.
The communiqué noted that it is not possible to accuse the archbishop of having given new tasks to the accused priest, who was reincorporated into the life of the Cistercian community, because jurisdiction over this community corresponds to the abbot, not to the archbishop, as established by the Code of Canon Law.

In fact, today the superior of the Cistercian Abbey of Wettingen-Mehrerau, Father Anselm van der Linde, issued a communiqué, also sent through the Vatican press office, to affirm that Archbishop Zollitsch did not have jurisdiction over the accused priest.

Thus, the abbot noted, the prelate is innocent of the accusation presented against him.

He added, "I learned with profound sorrow that Archbishop Robert Zollitsch has been involved -- in a sudden and groundless way -- in a case of sexual abuse committed by a member of our order some 30 years ago."

The abbot explained that the priory of Birnau "belongs to the territorial prelature of the Abbey of Wettingen-Mehrerau, in Bregenz."


"From the point of view of canon law," he said, "the abbot of that monastery is responsible for the members of the community. Moreover, the Cistercian community is an order of pontifical right; hence, it is not subject to the local bishops, but to the Pope."
The archdiocesan communiqué noted that it has been in contact with the prosecutor's office "to be able to document quickly the inconsistency of the accusations against Archbishop Zollitsch."

It added that "in past months the archdiocese showed that, after having learned of the accusations against the Cistercian priest in question, it reacted immediately."

As such, archdiocesan officials informed the leaders of the Cistercian Order and reminded them of the consequent actions they should take.
In its communiqué, the archdiocese lamented the fact that the accusation was presented simultaneously to the prosecutor and to the press, "which shows the intention to arouse the interest of the media with a sensationalist accusation of 'collaboration in sexual abuse' launched against an archbishop."

Abbot Anselm, who has been in this post for just one year, said that "unfortunately, in the past our community has not given the appropriate treatment to those culpable of victims of sexual abuse, and I say it with profound sorrow.
He continued: "I cannot make the injustice that took place not to have happened. I can only invite and encourage the victims to contact the state authorities and, if it is possible for them, to contact me."
Abbot Anselm ended by stressing that Archbishop Zollitsch "had nothing to do" with the decisions and the events of the Birnau Priory.

(June 03, 2010)

*Zenit adalah salah satu kantor berita online resmi Vatikan
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PostSubyek: Re: Wanita Diperbolehkan Memberikan Sakramen Baptis dan Perkawinan ?   

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Wanita Diperbolehkan Memberikan Sakramen Baptis dan Perkawinan ?
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